Hey! Thanks for your interests about me. First I'd like to start saying that video games formed my profession helping me to understand the importance of human-centered design, putting user into an immersive environment where they can explore and learn. This inspired me to create tools based on peoples needs and to develop concepts and experiences that can improve user lifestyles.
I have a degree on Animation & Digital Arts from Tec de Monterrey and also I did a diploma on Digital Design at Vancouver Film School, this both defined my title as a UX Designer but more important they blended my passion and defined my work.
You have to know that my work process is versatile and I adapt to stakeholders needs, because you might know it already but every head is a different world and my job is to synthesize all this information and use it to create tools that fit the user needs, creating it with real values that won't be forgotten and are easy to reach.
Go and take a look to my portfolio and send me a message if you want to have a nice chat with me, I'll be glad to meet you and together develop meaningful tools with real purposes.